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100% natural, reusable and recyclable, cork is one of the world’s most versatile materials. Its characteristics are utterly unique – a natural resistance to liquids and gases, elastic, compressible, light, buoyant in water, thermally and acoustically insulating and slow burning. harriscork amorim Benefits •	easily and rapidly installed •	environmentally friendly - made out of natural products, they favor energy saving •	healthy - surface finishes do not retain dirt, therefore they do not favor the proliferation of germs and fungi •	sound resistant - they reduce the transmission of sound between and inside compartments; •	they provide natural thermal insulation, as well as a high capacity to retain thermal energy •	comfortable - the cork incorporated into them deadens impact and relieves tension •	durable and easy to maintain •	re-usable or recyclable harriscork Remarkably realistic wood appearance with all the benefits of  both vinyl and natural cork in an engineered plank floating floor. Bring this product of nature into your home and experience the inviting calmness, comfort, warmth, and quietness that this flooring brings to any setting.  •	Moisture Resistant, Durable, and Versatile for residential or commercial use in any room. •	More comfort & body wellness.  More silence. More warmth. More impact resistance. •	Can be used in moisture prone rooms including full baths. cork cork cork cork Stop by or call us today! Let Big Run Carpet be your go-to for flooring. We can help you find the perfect match. 300 E. Main Street Big Run, PA 15715 Monday-Thursday 8:00pm - 5:00pm Friday 8:00pm - 8:00pm Saturday 8:00am - 2:00pm Evenings By Appointment 814-427-2041 Pinterest inspiration! zzlocal pinterest Check Us Out  On Facebook. Like and Share Our Page! zzlocal
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